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Internships, Careers, and Employment

A degree in biomedical engineering is a valuable asset. The degree lends itself well to flexibility–students who earn a biomedical engineering degree can choose to pursue a career in medicine, research, and engineering. In 2012, CNN Money listed “Biomedical Engineer” as the best job in America, in terms of personal satisfaction, stress level, benefit to society, and flexibility. The field offers significant job growth opportunities in the future, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stating that employment of biomedical engineers is projected to grow five percent from 2019 to 2029.

The wide variety of career options that are available to students who obtain a degree in biomedical engineering make it a particularly appealing degree to students, when coupled with the typically high starting salary and capacity to make strides for the growing healthcare industry.

The School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering has made a commitment to connecting students with opportunities in their specific field of interest. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the many internship opportunities and Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU’s) available to biomedical engineering majors.

In addition to the specific internship program available exclusively to BME majors, students also have access to the Ira A. Fulton suite of resources, including the Engineering Career Center.

If you wish to earn academic credit for your internship, learn more here.

For more information on internships, please contact:

Debbi Howard, Business Relations Coordinator
Office location: ISTB1 281G