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Teaching Labs overview

The ASU School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering (SBHSE) Teaching Labs host courses from the freshmen level all the way through the graduate level.  Examples of courses include Intro to Bioengineering (BME 100), Physiology for Engineers (BME 235), Biomaterials (BME 318), Microcomputers (BME 370), Bioinstrumentation (BME 423), and Intro to Molecular Genetics Techniques (BME 598).


The ASU SBHSE Teaching Labs were built in 2014 and include 4,200 square feet of teaching lab space, in addition to a prep room, a fume hood room, and supply storage.  The facilities includes two teaching labs, with each lab having a capacity of 102 students at 34 workstations.  The facilities also include computers at each student workstation, A/V equipment, four fume hoods, a water purification unit, and a glassware steam scrubber.  Examples of equipment used in specific classes includes microscopes, pipettors, myDAQ’s, iWorx Human and Animal Teaching kits, and real-time PCR thermocyclers.





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