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Engineering | School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering

Student Awards

2018 - 2019 Student Awards and Honors

Joshua Cutts, Danh Truong, Victoria Smith, Jennapher Lingo VanGilder

  • Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Award.

Jarrett Eshima (Undergraduate Student) 

  • NSF REU at Georgia Tech University, 1st author publication

Madeleine Howell (Undergraduate Student)

  • NSF REU at University of Michigan summer
  • Goldwater Fellowship Selected from ASU cohort

Joel Lusk (PhD Student)

  • Selected for Oral Presentation at Biomedical Engineering Society National Conference

Jennapher Lingo VanGilder

  • NIH NRSA F31 Predoctoral Fellowship with 3 years of support (mentor: Dr. Sydney Schaefer) | Grant title:  “Using diffusion tensor imaging to identify the structural neural correlates of visuospatial and motor skill learning processes”

Christopher Miranda (PhD Student) 

  • Selected for Oral Presentation at Biomedical Engineering Society National Conference


2017 - 2018 Student Awards and Honors

Scott Boege:

  • Katie Conrad Memorial Award

BMES student chapter:

  • Commendable Achievement award across all BMES student chapters.

Lexi Bounds:

  • Outstanding SBHSE Undergraduate Research Assistant Award

Joshua Cutts, Danh Truong, Victoria Smith, Jennapher Lingo Vangilder:

  • Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Award.

Courtney DuBois:

  • Oxford Scholar

Nicolas Hool:

  • Hoolest Performance Technologies won the top prize of $100,000 at the ASU Innovation Open. Nicholas Hool, is an SBHSE graduate student and co-founder of Hoolest Performance Technologies. Read more here.

Swathy Kumar:

  • Outstanding SBHSE Teaching Assistant Award

Chi Lin:

  • Awarded 1st place for his poster presentation at 2018 World Congress on Biosensor held in Miami. This is the largest biosensor congress in the world attracting more than 1100 attendees from across the globe.
  • Dr. Jeff LaBelle’s student | 2018 Young Chemist AwardRead more here.

Christopher Miranda (PhD Student)

  • NSF Fellowship at University of Minnesota

Ali Navaei:

Mohammad Mousa:

  • 2017 Dr. Larry A. Mullins Endowed Scholarship for Health Education

David Probst:

  • Outstanding SBHSE Graduate Research Assistant Award

Harpinder Saini:

  • SBHSE student merit award recipient
  • Engineering Graduate Fellowship

An Tran:

  • Fulbright Scholar
  • Outstanding SBHSE Senior Award

Danh Truong:

  • International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) Fellowship Renewal
  • Graduate College Fellowship
  • Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) Research Grant: “The Study of Glycoprotein Non-metastatic B as a Target to Disrupt Tumor-Stroma Interactions During Cancer Invasion” .
  • Graduate College Completion Fellowship
  • Editor’s choice: tumor microenvironment – first author paper selected to become part of a new collection
2016 - 2017 Student Awards and Honors

Maria Jose Quezada | 2017 ASEE PSW Student Award.

StepPlus Group (Brandon Bartels, Arianna Moreno, Haley Sivertson, Maria Jose Quezada) | Second Place Prize in the Student Concept Pitch at the Bioaccel Solutions Challenge 2016.

SBHSE 2017 Celebration of Excellence awards:

  • Alison Llave – Outstanding SBHSE Seniors
  • Allison Marley – Outstanding SBHSE Seniors
  • Courtney DuBois – Outstanding SBHSE Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Danh Truong – Outstanding SBHSE Graduate Research Assistant
  • María José Quezada – Katie Conrad Memorial Award
  • Swathy Sampath Kumar – Outstanding SBHSE Teaching Assistant

Lexi Bounds | Accepted to Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program. She is one of the 35 accepted from over 650 applicants.

Danh Truong | IFER fellowship. Read more about it here.

Aldin Malkoc | 2017 Young Chemist Award Winner. Read more about it here.

IGEM 2016 Results: personal best for ASU.  The team project, with Dr. Karmella Haynes, earned several awards for the first time in ASU’s history in iGEM, and won the highest number since 2011 when ASU first participated in iGEM.

  1. Gold Medal
  2. Best New Basic Part
  3. Best Part Collection
  4. Biosafety Commendation

Finalist for “Best in Track: Foundational Advance” and “Best Integrated Human Practices.”
You can read more about it on the ASU iGEM web page.

2015 - 2016 Student Awards and Honors

Nathan Kirkpatrick | Outstanding BME Graduate

Matt Mortensen | Outstanding UG Research Award

Aldin Malkoc | Outstanding UG Research Award

Brittney Haselwood Cardinell | Outstanding Graduate Research Award

Jacob Packer | John D. Kelly Memorial Bioengineering Scholarship

Arianna Moreno | Robert H. Chamberlain Memorial Scholarship

Lexi Bounds | Robert H. Chamberlain Memorial Scholarship

Alexandra Barnes | Volker and Lynne Sonntag Scholarship

Casey Weinstein | AEMB Inductees

Garrett Repp | AEMB Inductees

Chi-En Lin | AEMB Inductees

Cory Riecken | AEMB Inductees

Taraka Sai Pavan Grandhi | AEMB Inductees

Neeta Ashok Kumar | AEMB Inductees

Derek Titus | AEMB Inductees

Daylin Morgan | AEMB Inductees

Alexandria Lam | Katie Conrad Memorial Award

Valerie Harris | Metin Akay Graduate BME Leadership Award

Jonathan Plasencia | Metin Akay Graduate BME Leadership Award