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Faculty Awards

2017 - 2018 Faculty Awards and Honors

Dr. Vincent Pizziconi | SBHSE Eric Guilbeau Outstanding Teaching Award

Dr. Tony Garcia | SBHSE Metin Akay Graduate Service Award

Dr. David Brafman | SBHSE Outstanding Assistant Professor Award

Dr.  Marco Santello | SBHSE William J. Dorsen Jr. Outstanding Research Award

Dr. Barbara Smith | ABRC Award | Project: “Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer by Olfactory Biomarkers”

Dr. Sydney Schaefer | Top 5% Teaching Award Recipient

Dr. Sarah Stabenfeldt, Dr. Julianne Holloway & Dr. Nick Stephanopoulos in partnership with Kings College London and University of New South Wales | PLuS Alliance Seed Grant | Project: “Scaffolds without borders: an intercontinental biomaterials design team for advancing regenerative medicine”.

 Dr. Tony Hu | ABRC Award | New Investigator Award (3 years) | Project: Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by nanoplasmonic detection of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles

Dr. Sarah Stabenfeldt and team (Dr. Jeff Kleim & Trent Anderson) | ABRC award (3 years) | Arizona Investigator Grant | Project: “Regenerative Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury”.

Dr. Mehdi Nikkhah | ABRC award (3 years) | New Investigator Award | Project: “Next Generation of Scaffold-Free, Electrically Conductive, Vasculogenic Micro-Tissues for Myocardial Replacement Therapy”

Dr. Stephen Massia | Mayo Clinic-ASU Alliance Fellowship | 2018 Mayo Clinic and ASU Alliance for Health Care Summer Residency Program

Dr. Vin Pizziconi | Mayo Clinic-ASU Alliance Fellowship | 2018 Mayo Clinic and ASU Alliance for Health Care Summer Residency Program

Dr. Jeff LaBelle | Grant | Leona M and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust – project entitled “Development of a continuous insulin-glucose sensor for improved glucose control.”

Dr. Rosalind Sadleir | Grant | NIH RF1 grant, titled “Mechanism and dosimetry exploration in transcranial electrical stimulation using magnetic resonance current mapping methods.

Barrett Andries, John Tobey, Mohammad Mousa, Dr. Marco Santello and the Capstone faculty/staff | Placed 2nd in the Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT) Challenge. This is a highly competitive, national award sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The team will be honored at an award ceremony during the annual BMES meeting that will be held here in Phoenix this October.

Dr. David Brafman | DoD award to support the development of a biomanufacturing platform at ASU.

Dr. David Brafman | Grant | NIH R21 award ‘Generation and characterization of isogenic hiPSC lines with various APOE genotype‘. This award is a direct product of an ASU-Mayo seed grant between Richard Caselli and David.

Dr. Barbara Smith | Grant | 2017-18 Women and Philanthropy grant “Early Stage Endometrial Cancer through Novel Imaging Technologies”.


2016 - 2017 Faculty Awards and Honors

Casey Ankeny | ASEE Biomedical Engineering Division Teaching Award. This highly competitive award recognizes new faculty for excellence in BME education as evidenced by innovation in teaching materials, publications and commitment to ASEE.

SBHSE 2017 Celebration of Excellence awards:

  • Michael Caplan – Eric Guibeau Outstanding Teaching Award
  • Chris Buneo – SBHSE Metin Akay Graduate Service Award
  • Karmella Haynes – SBHSE Outstanding Assistant Professor Award
  • Antonio García – SBHSE William J. Dorsen Jr. Outstanding Research Award

Jamie Tyler, Jeff Kleim, and Marco Santello | Grant | NSF BRAIN Industry/University Cooperative Research Center grant. This 5-year grant will support a new center in neurotechnology, BRAIN (Building Reliable Advances and Innovations in Neurotechnology – ) aimed at building industry-university research collaborations.

Tony Garcia and Carlos Castillo-Chavez | NSF award “Bridge to Doctorate: WAESO LSAMP, Multidisciplinary STEM Solutions 2017-2019”.

David Brafman | NIH R01 Award “Investigating the mechanisms of a multi-state model of Wnt signaling”.

David Frakes | “Engineer of the Year” Award for 2016 from IEEE Phoenix section in recognition of his contributions to Image Processing, Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics, and Machine Vision.

David Frakes | Arizona New Investigator Award from the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission led by Eric Kostelich (School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) and Kristin Swanson (Mayo Scottsdale and adjunct faculty in Math), in collaboration with Yang Kuang (Math) for the project “Patient-Specific Neuro-oncology: Forecasting Tumor Growth and Recurrence in Individual Patients”.

Barbara Smith, Mo Ebrahamkhani, and David Brafman | Arizona New Investigator Award from the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission.

Mehdi Nikkah | NSF CAREER award titled: “Cardiac Ischemia On-a-Chip: Probing Mechanisms Underlying Molecular, Cellular and Tissue-Level Adaptive Responses After Injury”.

Karmella Haynes | Article in Nature Partner Journal Genomic Medicine. Read more about it here.

David Frakes | Featured in the first episode of Pure Genius along with his PhD alum Justin Ryan. Read more about it here.

IGEM 2016 Results | Personal best for ASU.  The team project, with Dr. Karmella Haynes, earned several awards for the first time in ASU’s history in iGEM, and won the highest number since 2011 when ASU first participated in iGEM.

      1. Gold Medal
      2. Best New Basic Part
      3. Best Part Collection
      4. Biosafety Commendation

Finalist for “Best in Track: Foundational Advance” and “Best Integrated Human Practices”.You can read more about it on the ASU iGEM web page.

Barbara Smith | NSF I-Corps grant for the project, System of multimodal imaging and point-of-care biopsies”.

Mark Spano | Grant | Office of Naval Research for the project Nonlinear dynamics of large electronic neuronal arrays”.

Marco Santello, Rosalind Sadleir along with Mayo MN collaborators (Drs. Kristin Zhao and Karen Andrews) | Mayo-ASU Team Science seed grant for the project “A multi-disciplinary approach to optimize integration of sensory feedback for prosthetic applications in persons with upper limb loss”.

Michael Caplan | 1 of 4 Keen Professorship awards for the project “Development and Assessment of Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value Mindsets in BME282 and BME417”.

Casey Ankeny |  1 of 4 Keen Professorship awards for the project “Implementing the Entrepreneurial Mindset in an Introductory Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Course”.

Samira Kiani | DARPA Young Faculty Award for the project “Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPR)-Based Synthetic Gene Circuits as Next Generation Gene Therapy of Inner Ear”.

Brent Vernon | Sonoran Biosciences, company founded by Dr. Vernon and collaborators, awarded NIH SBIR for the project “Sustained release gel enabling one-stage treatment of prosthetic joint infection”.

Tony Garcia | NSF Grant for the project “Bridge to Doctorate: WAESO LSAMP, Self Efficacy and Academic Community for Underrepresented Minority Student Success”.

Chris Buneo | Grant | 5-year NSF grant Collaborative Research: Multimodal State Estimation through Neural Coherence in the Parieto-Frontal Network”.

Tony Garcia | Grant | 5-year NSF grant “Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) to Parity Capstone Operational, Research, Evaluation, Documentation and Institutionalization 10+ LSAMP Alliance”.



2015 - 2016 Faculty Awards and Honors

Jeff Kleim | Top 5% Teaching, FSE Exemplary Faculty

David Brafman | NIH R21 award “Synthetic substrates for the expansion and differentiation of hPSC-derived NPCs”.

Karmella Haynes | invited by the Nature journal to write a News and Views piece on containment of genetically modified organisms

Jeff Kleim | Eric Guilbeau Undergraduate BME Program Development Award

Sarah Stabenfeldt | William J Dorsen Jr Excellence in Research Award

Service Recognition

Faculty and Staff

Bradley Greger – 5 years

Jessica Meeker – 5 years

David Frakes – 10 years

Jessica Jensen – 10 years

James Abbas – 15 years

Michael Caplan – 15 years