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Biomedical engineers work at the interface of technology and medicine on challenges that are critical to the advancement of health and scientific discovery.

At ASU, we offer a rigorous program in biomedical engineering with opportunities for students to be involved in research, entrepreneurship, healthcare delivery, biomedical device design and global health.


Adaptive ice climbing excursion heats up capstone thinking

Why should students wait until their senior year to start thinking about the culminating project of their undergraduate experience?Biomedical engineering professor Stephen Helms Tillery saw an ice climbing event as a good opportunity to excite junior year students...

Addington receives Dean’s Dissertation Award

Caroline Addington, a fall 2015 graduate with a Ph.D. in bioengineering, has been named as winner of the Dean’s Dissertation Award.The dissertation award recognizes exceptional work by doctoral students that encourages the highest levels of scholarship, research and...

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