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Engineering | School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering

ASU researchers address a primary cause of treatment failure for pancreatic cancer

As the second leading cause of death worldwide, cancer is a focal point in both clinical research and health care fields, but not all cancers are created equal.

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Biomedical engineers work at the interface of technology and medicine on challenges that are critical to the advancement of health and scientific discovery.

At ASU, we offer a rigorous program in biomedical engineering with opportunities for students to be involved in research, entrepreneurship, healthcare delivery, biomedical device design and global health.


Magnetic Resonance In Medicine

Q&A with Munish Chauhan and Rosalind Sadleir In their paper entitled “Multishot echo-planar MREIT for fast imaging of conductivity, current density, and electric field distributions”, Drs. Munish Chauhan and Rosalind Sadleir propose an accelerated technique to...

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