Life Science Elective Sample

Below is a sample/reference of course names that would fulfill the Life Sciences Elective requirement. Actual course selection is decided through advisement and recommendation from the student faculty advisor and graduate student academic advisor.

BCH 561 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry
BCH 598 Biophysical Chemistry
BCH 598 Peptides & Proteins
BCH 598 Biochemistry of Cancer
BIO 543 Molecular Genetics
BIO 564 Cellular Physiology and Signaling
BIO 598 Solutions in Vaccine Design for Global Health
BIO 598 Metabolic Physiology
BIO 598 The RNA World: A Genomics Approach
BIO 598 Molecular Basis of Diabetes and Obesity
MCB 540 Functional Genomics
MCB 555 Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology 
MCB 555 Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology II
MIC 598 Advanced Immunology
MIC 598 RNA Viruses
MIC 598 Immunology: Molecular and Cellular Foundations
MIC 598 General Virology
NEU 555 Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience
NEU 556 Systems Neuroscience