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Biomedical Engineering Pre-Med Student Information

The biomedical engineering program is an excellent choice for students with a passion to engineer solutions to today’s medical issues. Many students see medical school as a way to do just that.  Although the focus below is on the pre-med path, BME students wanting to pursue a career in the health professions field may also aspire to go to dental, pharmacy, veterinary, osteopathy, physician’s assistant, physical therapy, chiropractic, or optometry school after completing their BME undergraduate degree. For more specific information on these pathways, please visit ASU’s Health Professions Advising office.

The BME curriculum includes several of the pre-med courses, while others can be added in around the curriculum. You can view the BME major map with pre-med courses incorporated here. View a  list of required and recommended pre-med courses from ASU’s Health Professions Advising website.

If you have AP credit, it is strongly recommended that you retake the course at the University level so that it appears on your transcript. Some medical schools accept AP credit, but it is suggested that you research this prior to deciding to retain your AP credit.

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